A new chapter

Well guys, this is it.

My new website which marks a new start in my career as a media composer.

“But you’re 42 Tim, how is this new?” I hear you cry, so let me explain.

Most people know that I have always been writing, composing and producing since I was a teen but not everyone knows that in addition to this I have developed a professional career as a Quantity Surveyor and run my own business. Although I am doing all of this still, I have decided that if I don’t push my music career now then time may just run out and now is the best opportunity for me to do just that – push, push and push some more.

Having recently upgraded my studio equipment (again! although I don’t think one ever stops upgrading), including some new sample libraries (but you still can’t beat the real thing) I have made sure I have the time and dedication required to work within the demanding World of ‘Music for the Media’

I suppose I need to apologise for the promotional sales pitch you have just read above and I promise my future posts will see me return to my normal, happy-go-lucky jovial self.

So, bye for now I’m off for tea and cake…..