Its been a while…..

Wow, two years since my last post?! There are good reasons for my sabbatical from blogging (which I will maybe explain in upcoming post(s)).  However;

Suffice to say it has been a very busy two years with lots happening and life coming at me at a million miles per hour.  One of which was the arrival of my Grandson Harley (and I will tell you all about him in my next post!).  I have also tried to be an ’employee’ for a change (but that didn’t work so I’m back to working for myself) and I’ve also upgraded the studio (again!).  Oh and I’m in the running for a couple of films too. All this in between holidays, weddings, parties and drunken tomfoolery with the missus and our little gang of special friends.

I might have been quiet on here but one thing is for sure, life has not been dull.

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