Tim White Music is the trading name of 1924 Media Limited.

I have always had a passion for music. I started playing the trumpet at 9, picked up the piano at 11 and then the guitar at 13 and have always dabbled with drums and bass.

During my school years I attended the Nottinghamshire Schools of Music and played in the symphonic wind band, jazz bands and the youth orchestra and was also a member of the Nottinghamshire Drum and Bugle Corp.

Instead of listening to the advice of my trumpet teacher (the great Dave Hinson) to go to music college, I left school to find work in order to save up for my first ‘proper’ synth; a Yamaha DX7. This was quickly followed by a Roland D50, Korg O1Wfd, Roland MK60 stage piano and a load of rack synths (I still have a Roland JV1050 (but who doesn’t?)), so armed with an arsenal of keys I played in a variety of bands (most noticeably: Show me Heaven, Crying Out Loud and the punk band ‘The Sex Toys’), performed on several sessions and started to write music for student films and radio ads.

Inspired by the work of John Williams, James Horner, Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer and contemporary musicians as diverse as Genesis, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Blur I’d found a love for creating atmospheric, driven and dramatic music.

In the process of developing my skills as a composer I took my foot off the gas whilst carving out a regular career as a quantity surveyor and raising a family so it wasn’t until 2010 that I invested in new broadcast quality equipment and started writing with a new vigour.

The last few years have seen my music appear on shows for the BBC, ITV and many other international broadcasters, web series and computer games. Recently I have provided production support for tracks for SYCO (programming and producing) and continue to write for many major libraries and games developers.