Its been a while…..

Wow, two years since my last post?! There are good reasons for my sabbatical from blogging (which I will maybe explain in upcoming post(s)).  However;

Suffice to say it has been a very busy two years with lots happening and life coming at me at a million miles per hour.  One of which was the arrival of my Grandson Harley (and I will tell you all about him in my next post!).  I have also tried to be an ’employee’ for a change (but that didn’t work so I’m back to working for myself) and I’ve also upgraded the studio (again!).  Oh and I’m in the running for a couple of films too. All this in between holidays, weddings, parties and drunken tomfoolery with the missus and our little gang of special friends.

I might have been quiet on here but one thing is for sure, life has not been dull.

Things are looking up!

Well, I think the coming 12 months are going to be very exciting!  I have just found out that I have been chosen to score the upcoming film ‘Sinema the Move’, the trailer of which can be seen below.  The film is based on the best welling book by Rod Glenn ‘Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre’ and is going to be a treat for fans of horror/thrillers and I am very proud to be involved in the project.

SINEMA TRAILER. from Abandonhope Films on Vimeo.

A new chapter

Well guys, this is it.

My new website which marks a new start in my career as a media composer.

“But you’re 42 Tim, how is this new?” I hear you cry, so let me explain.

Most people know that I have always been writing, composing and producing since I was a teen but not everyone knows that in addition to this I have developed a professional career as a Quantity Surveyor and run my own business. Although I am doing all of this still, I have decided that if I don’t push my music career now then time may just run out and now is the best opportunity for me to do just that – push, push and push some more.

Having recently upgraded my studio equipment (again! although I don’t think one ever stops upgrading), including some new sample libraries (but you still can’t beat the real thing) I have made sure I have the time and dedication required to work within the demanding World of ‘Music for the Media’

I suppose I need to apologise for the promotional sales pitch you have just read above and I promise my future posts will see me return to my normal, happy-go-lucky jovial self.

So, bye for now I’m off for tea and cake…..